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hey guys what’s up hope you’re doing well and today my unboxing is going to have to do with a  debit card reader why am i doing this due to the fact that generally i was taking payments over the phone and now my work has increased so i required a  i did some research and after that i found out that this  business called sum up um it’s truly great it’s really handy and i ordered the and simply wanted to reveal you that what comes in package ideally we’ll go through the unboxing we’ll un-package it and we’ll connect it to our phone and see how it works so without any hold-up let’s enter into the video and after that let’s take a look at what comes in package and we go ahead and open it up all right it’s a really minimalistic design and here we go that is the  it’s uh it’s got matte uh plastic on the bottom it’s got this uh charging port i’m thinking and then that’s just a hole to put put a lanyard and it does provide you some identification numbers state some up over here on off switch and on the top you have the place where you can place the charge card it’s got a flush keypad and it’s got a cross and backspace and a tick mark just to represent fine so this is the product i believe that it looks truly actually neat really cool so let’s see what else is available in package plan style is pretty neat uh so first off we have the user guide some safety details decals the fascinating thing is that with the  the fees are rather low and that is why they’ve got a big client base now as like with paypal they do charge a little more so with uh  i believe it’s 1.65 and if you send somebody a qr code i believe so it’s two and a half percent they’re going to take from the total payment however all of the cards are accepted like visa mastercard american reveal union pay and you can see google pay and apple pay as well apart from that in package there is a usb micro usb so next what we’ll do is we’ll go ahead and we’ll connect our phone and we’ll take a look at how it really works here i have my iphone so i’m first of all going to show you how to combine it and how it actually works so do you have to download the app on your phone so here i go i have the  app and as soon as i open the  app um i have number of options all i need to do is click the more button so i’ll proceed and i’ll turn it on so to turn it on you just need to push this button over here and as soon as you turn it on it flashes couple of lights and then it states on the top and it gives you the battery indicator too after that it’ll just take a few seconds once it initializes then we can connect the phone so what we need to do is we require to go into the payment approaches and over here we have card reader it states air tap to setup and you have money payment also if you need to take cash payment you click that button here and this bluetooth logo will turn up and it’ll say that your  is you understand it’s it’s nearby you can link so you simply hit connect and i’ll state linking so that’s linked so it’s very really easy extremely intuitive absolutely nothing complicated and over here there is a sort of a connection or a bluetooth logo if i’ll simply bring it near and you can see that it’s revealing that it’s connected once when you have actually done that all you have to do is press the done button and and that’s it so uh even if you turn it off or turn it back on uh this  will be linked so for argument’s sake if i were to charge uh say i do not know uh one pound or maybe let’s go for 5 pounds and i hit charge and it’ll state card reader over here it provides you three option payment link and cash uh let’s strike the and it says uh reader upkeep part one of three now the factor is because there must be a software upgrade so that is why it is doing this this is just gon na be the very first time it’s not gon na happen always uh it’s uncomplicated and really basic i’m guessing and then you see it states um it’s 5 pounds payment you can either tab or you can place the card which’s how it is so it’s providing you the wave logo design or you can place it or and or you can tap it and the payment would be charged so the spinning circle is showing up over here it states to um please tap or insert card and that’s it and this light over here is radiant uh so i’m guessing that as soon as when i touch the card it would simply go you understand all these lights would uh light up so so as i don’t wish to do this payment so what i’ll do is i will um strike cancel so guys this finishes up my video for this sum up  if you men are a sole trader or if you’re doing a small business even you can always use this there is another 3g where you understand you do not need a smart phone to link it’s got a built-in sim card and i think it’s a great choice if you do not want to fiddle with your phone too much and i saw that it’s a very good option you can go onto the  up site and check it out over there but for me personally i believe that this uh this is an useful gadget you can put it in your pocket if you’re doing you know if you’re a tradesperson or if you are a small company even you can always keep this and after that you know people have this confidence that they can simply touch and which’s it so um you shouldn’t be having any problems and uh that is it if you have any questions just leave it in the remark section below and i’ll respond back to you and Juros De Antecipa√SS√£O 1 X Sumup men thanks quite for seeing my unboxing of the